ICT/Professional Services

IT and Professional Services Sector

Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet Of Things are not just insider buzzwords, but technological trends which – together with the Cloud and Cyber Security – will radically change the traditional approach to IT and will become significant levers of innovation and competitiveness for business.

Value Search assists vendors (of software and hardware), system integrators and consulting firms (who have already developed or are developing digital practices internally) in defining and implementing search strategies for managers and specialists, whose skills will be not only increasingly critical and valuable but also extremely rare (for example, according to a McKinsey study, the USA alone will experience a shortfall in 2018 of 140,000 to 180,000 Machine Learning experts).


Information Technology Function

The consumerization of technology has made the adoption of innovations ubiquitous and has generated new types of usage and accustomed all of us to high standards of service.

More user-friendly technologies, quality low-cost connectivity and media dematerialization are enabling new types of interaction and augmenting the kinetics of business processes.

The difference between the friendliness of business solutions and those offered by consumerization and the rapid pace of technological change are posing new challenges for the IT function, that increasingly finds itself involved in the digital transformation of the organization itself.

Value Search supports companies in their search for CIOs and CTOs (and their immediate reports), who know how to speak the language of business and to interpret technological evolution as a key factor for business in the digital age.




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