Our firm was established in 2003 in Milan with the aim of providing ongoing support to client companies in meeting their business objectives by having a competent management team, that champions their corporate culture and values and is proactive in securing the available market opportunities.

We aim to be an ongoing, solid, reliable and professional point of reference for our clients, whilst offering dynamism and flexibility, an in-depth understanding of their needs and made-to-measure solutions.

We also aim to be a reliable, long-term point of reference for candidates, who value our expertise, professionalism, integrity and transparency.


Giovanna Brambilla

Giovanna Brambilla

Caterina Tortorella

Lory Yedid

Anna Nuzzi

Paola Basaglia

Global Network

The international network to which we belong (The Taplow Group) allows us to assist Italian clients the world over and to support foreign companies wanting to invest in Italy by building or strengthening their management teams.

The Taplow Group can count on a presence in 18 countries with locally-based, highly reputable firms that adopt its distinctive “Single Point of Contact” approach to managing international clients.

Value Search Srl has been granted permanent authorization to carry out Personnel Search and Selection under permit No. 9712 dated 05/04/2007, issued by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security pursuant to art. 4 par. 2 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 276 dated 10/09/2003.

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